Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

The other day, we were reading some stuff on a so-called ‘Expert Steroid Forum’ about Anadrol.

And it almost made us gag.

You need to use Nolva from day 1 of your Anadrol cycle. Else you will have neat pair of tits before you even realize what happened’

Really? Who’s the pseudo internet expert who wrote that shit?

A 19-year-old who’s been experimenting with bunk gear that he picked up on the dark web? (Probably cooked in some hellhole kitchen. Terribly under dosed or spiked with god knows what!)

The amount of bro-science being peddled out there is unbelievable.

Most of the stuff is either based on hearsay or is outdated information from the 90s being rehashed and rewritten over and over until it becomes the only information that you can find about the drug.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid which can give you fantastic results with very little, to no liver toxicity. (Provided that you use the drug responsibly and you do not have rough liver values to begin with)

Oh yeah. That’s right.

At best, it can mess with your lipid values a little. And yes, you may not need to use anti-estrogens at all while using Oxymetholone.

The keywords here are ‘May not’.

If you are looking to cycle with Anadrol, then here’s some unbiased information about the drug coming from first-hand experience. Not hearsay!

Anadrol: An overview

Anadrol or the A-Bomb is an oral, DHT-derived anabolic steroid that was created for treating muscle wasting, anemia & osteoporosis.

It was approved for therapeutic use in 1961 and along with Anadrol-50, which has since become synonymous with the drug, it is also sold under many other brand names today, like Anapolon & Adrol.

Along with Dianabol, it is one of the most widely used oral steroids of all times.

Anadrol is a 17aa steroid.

This means that it has excellent bioavailability but can be mildly toxic to your liver. (Nothing that cannot be managed through supplementation though)

The results in an Anadrol Cycle

anadrol cycle results (before and after)

As is the case with most orals, it is always recommended that you stack Anadrol with a strong injectable androgen, like Testosterone or Trenbolone.

A standalone cycle will give you decent gains, mind you.

But in a stack, the results will be quite dramatic.

The first and most notable result that people experience while using Oxymetholone is the strength gain.

Increased strength:

Anadrol will make you faster, stronger, almost beast-like in the gym. You can expect to break through plateaus, set new personal bests and lift like you’ve never lifted before in a span of days after starting the cycle.

Increased RBC:

Anadrol has been used for the treatment of Anemia because it increases the production of RBC in the body, a process called ‘Erythropoiesis’. The increased RBC in turn, enhances oxygenation to muscle tissue. Faster recovery.

Muscle Mass:

Anadrol’s popularity as a muscle boosting steroid has suffered a dent of sorts due to claims of extreme bloating, water retention and fat gains. But the fact is that it all depends on how your body reacts to the drug. Some people have a muscle hardening effect while using Oxymetholone and even drop their body fat. Either ways, it will help you gain some lean muscle. Get your diet fixed and you can make some dry muscle gains.

Lowers SHBG:

The reason why Anadrol works more dramatically in a stack is because it lowers the production of SHBG. This means that the amount of free testosterone in your body increases significantly. More test, more muscle.

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The side effects of Anadrol

This is the part that we like the most.

Because for some strange reason, people like to talk about the side effects more than about the actual effects of the drug.

With Anadrol, the talk is mostly about the headaches, the bloating and the hepatotoxicity.

By no means do we mean that Oxymetholone is side effect free. But most of the side effects can be managed if you know how to use the drug.

Also, a lot of the sides are terribly exaggerated.

But here’s what you might encounter during the cycle.


Some people have a general feeling of being unwell during the first few weeks of an Anadrol cycle. This might cause mild to severe nausea. An OTC anti-nausea drug might help curb some of the symptoms.


Again, some people experience what they call ‘Terrible’ headaches while there are others who don’t even have the slightest pain while using Anadrol. So, the headaches seem to be individual reactions more than a confirmed side effect.


Oxymetholone does seem to cause some amount of water retention. But it’s not as severe as what you’d experience with Dianabol. In case you feel bloated, you can use an Anti-Estrogen for a couple of days and see if it subsides. Else, lower your dose of Anadrol and see how your body reacts to it. Seasoned Anadrol users consider the water weight to be a small part of the gains that you make while using the drug.


Being a 17aa oral steroid, there will be mild strain on your liver during the cycle. But you can easily manage this by adding a good quality liver supplement before the cycle, during it and a couple of weeks after it. Like most people, if you’ve read that Anadrol is the most hepatotoxic steroid ever, then that’s bunk.


Oxymetholone will shut you down. All the more reason to add it with an exogenous testosterone dose.


Like most oral steroids, Anadrol isn’t gentle on your lipids. Keep an eye on the LDL & HDL numbers while you are on cycle and after it.

Anadrol cycles and stacks

The starting dose of Anadrol for men is 50mg/day in one single dose.

If you have cycled with Oxymetholone before without too many problems, then you can up this to 100mg/day and it produces some really dramatic results.

You can easily cycle Anadrol for up to 6 weeks.

However, the gains will start to taper from week 4 onwards.

Women usually steer clear of using the drug due to the risk of virilization, even at low doses.

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