Breakfast helps in weight loss

After a night of fasting, our body needs breakfast!

We burn about 450 calories while sleeping and wake up with an energy deficit. Eating breakfast restores the supply of blood glucose, the fuel used by our brain.

Also, while we sleep, our metabolism slows down. Breakfast increases our oxygen uptake so that food can be digested and absorbed. This produces heat in the body. Breakfast, thus, kick-starts our metabolism and gets us going after a long period of inactivity.

Ideally, breakfast should contribute at least ¼ of our daily requirement of nutrients. If we skip
breakfast, these nutrients are usually compensated by other meals during the day. Also, skipping the first meal of the day leads to an unhealthy pattern of snacking on high-fat foods throughout the morning.

In modern times when obesity is the norm, breakfast skippers tend to have more body fat. On the other hand, breakfast eaters are more likely to have healthier body weights.

Skipping breakfast leads to low bp that causes sudden hunger pangs and/or bingeing/food carvings. Lose weight by eating good food, not by starving yourself and then eating lots.

So eating breakfast regularly helps actually helps in LOSING WEIGHT.

Protein helps to keep you from getting hungry.

You can get this supply of protein in something as simple as a glass of milk.

Also, milk on the form of yogurt or cheese is an important source of B complex vitamins such as riboflavin and B12, as well as minerals like zinc, magnesium and particularly calcium.

When you plan to loose weight, better include milk [Low Fat] or milk in other form in your breakfast. Hence, protein helps you to keep you from getting hungry mid-morning.

Congrats for shedding 5 kilos. You are in right track friend. What is your water consumption per day? As I know drinking at least 12-15 glasses of water everyday flushes out waste and fat from our bodies. Also, the body can mistake thirst for hunger pangs.

Water is a good way to curb the appetite and lose weight.

A good thing for your body is to drink 2-3 glasses of water first thing in morning. Follow this with 3-4 glasses of water an hour before lunch and dinner. However, if you have normal kidney, no liver disease or congestive cardiac failure, then you are safe to take more water else you’re at risk.

No doubt honey is good substitute for sugar and good for health, but it does
not reduce weight despite claims made by many

Fiber is a weight loser’s best friend.

Fiber or roughage has a remarkable ability to block absorption of fat from the intestine. Fiber is made up of thousands of microscopic threads.

When we eat food containing fiber, these threads wrap around the fat globules, encasing them so they can’t be digested. So the fat goes out of the body before it can be absorbed and restored!

Fiber also makes the body burn up extra calories. Fiber is difficult to digest and a food containing fiber makes the body work harder to digest it. This uses more energy.

Every gram of fiber burns up 7 extra calories. So if you eat 20gm of fiber daily, 140 calories are burnt from the total amount eaten. In a month, this means 4,000 calories less! Not bad.

Moreover, fiber quietens hunger pangs. Fiber-containing foods are bulky and give a feeling of fullness with a minimum of calories. They are also digested slowly and keep you feeling filled longer than most other foods.

So, include fiber-rich foods like whole cereals, roasted grains and what have you, in your meals as well as in snacks between meals.

I feel fasting is a farce.

One starves the whole day and eagerly looks forward to the meal that will break the fast. I wonder how can such a farcical helps to lose weight.

Fasting does not lead to an impressive loss in weight and is definitely not a method that I believe for an overweight person. If one wants to lose weight without experiencing the harmful reactions to fasting, it is better to go on a low calorie diet. Say about 1000 calories per day instead of a drastic fast.

Of course, it is recommended fasting and semi-fasting  for the following cases:

where it is a short term of 2 or 3 days and is observed every few weeks

in hopeless cases where everything else has been tried [unsuccessfully] and the patient is 100 to 150kgs.

People who have to undergo urgent surgery and have been advised to lose weight before they can be operated upon.

Although fasting in above cases may be undertaken, it should be done under strict medical supervision.

Ideally, if you have to fast, stay in bed. This allows you to indulge in a minimum of physical activity. Take sips of water or fresh juice [not the canned/tinned variety] to avoid headaches or tiredness.

However, my personal view is that it is better to adopt a sensible eating pattern and to exercise moderately, thereby losing weight slowly and systematically rather than opt for short-cut methods like fasting which can ultimately prove to be dangerous.


Such types of fancy diets may help you lose a little weight [temporarily at least] but being essentially unbalanced, they are deficient in nutrients. Along with the temporary weight loss, person lose his cool, his hair, the oil of the skin and the blood in the body. They become irritable and constipated, get headaches and feel giddy.

So you may lose a little weight but you will end up losing a lot of your health and well-being too. You will also lose your money and the tragic truth is that you’ll put back all the weight once you go off these fancy diets. Ultimately, for really healthy long term results, you have to go back to sensible balanced eating and regular, moderate exercise

Try this exercise in the morning

As you get out of bed: S-T-R-E-T-C-H! You will discover how rejuvenating it is and how painless. And that is what Yoga basically is – a series of gentle stretch exercises. Ok it helps you to lose weight all over and in specific areas of your body. As I’m not a yoga expert, I can not guide you. You should do yoga under the supervision of a good yoga guru. Of course, I can describe some yoga postures which are supposed to give shape to the bust and especially beneficial for those who are fat and shapeless..

  1. Kneel on the floor, hands folded in prayer position
    in front of your chest. Inhale and press your palm together as hard as you
    can. Exhale and relax. it tightens the upper arms and bust.
  2. Lie on your tummy. Keep your knees bent and hands on
    the floor beneath your shoulders. Inhaling, slowly push yourself up on
    your arms, keeping knees bent but straighten the elbows. Exhale and return
    to original position. Repeat 3 to 5 and then relax totally by keeping legs
    down and hands on the sides. It is a good exercise to tone your whole back
    and to firm the shoulders, arms and bust.
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