Dianabol is associated with the massive but proportionate bodybuilder physiques of the period that is largely known as the ‘Golden era’ of bodybuilding.

Infamously known as ‘the pink pills’, these oral steroids are a go-to choice for anyone looking to gain a lot of mass in a short span of time.

But there are a few caveats.

It is a very risky anabolic steroid. Well, so are all of them.

But the risks are more pronounced with Dianabol. If you aren’t careful, it can throw your estrogen levels out of whack and leave you looking and feeling like a pregnant woman.

With Dbzol, you can make gains that are identical to Dianabol without any of the risks associated with it.

It is the only legal Dianabol alternative that can produce Dianabol-like gains in a very short span of time.

What is DBZOL?                                                                         

DBZOL is a bodybuilding supplement that allows you to gain up to 25 lbs. in a span of just weeks.

It is the perfect mass builder for hard gainers as well as anyone looking to bulk in their fitness plans.

Athletes, gym buffs or even first timers looking to start their bodybuilding journeys can use DBozol to safely gain a sizeable amount of muscle mass without risking it with steroids.

How does DBozol work?

DBozol is designed to mimic the effects produced by Dianabol without altering your natural hormonal production, or binding to androgen receptors, which is what triggers some of the most dangerous side effects associated with it.

It works by enhancing the production of endogenous testosterone.

However, unlike ‘Test Boosters’ which may only marginally increase the levels of Serum testosterone, DBozol will boost your levels of free testosterone.

Further, it reduces your levels of SHBG, which in turn increases the levels of bioavailable testosterone.

As a result, your body is constantly in an anabolic state, building muscle. Also, recovering sooner from vigorous workouts and increasing the storage of glycogen and water.

It’s exactly like being on anabolic steroids, with one key difference. Your HPTA remains untouched.

What are the ingredients in DBZOL? Does it contain SARMS?

dbzol results before and after

SARMS are often peddled on the internet as a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. But the fact is that with very few clinical studies conducted on them, they might in fact be riskier to use than steroids.

Thankfully, DBZOL contains neither steroids nor SARMS. It is completely safe and legal.

The ingredients are all science-backed and proven to increase the levels of testosterone in the body.

Here’s a glimpse.

Zinc, Magnesium and B-6:

This classic stack sold online as ZMA capsules are known to increase testosterone levels. It can also reduce cortisol levels (catabolism) and improve body composition. With the highest permitted concentration of these minerals, ZMA will allow you to pack on lean mass without gaining fat.

DHEA, Tongkat Ali:

DHEA plays a key role in improving libido and mood. On the other hand, Tongkat Ali reduces stress hormones and improves serum testosterone levels. It has also been associated with an increase in fat free lean muscle tissue and arm circumference in athletes who undergo training.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg. The complete stack of natural ingredients in Dbozol will pack on muscle mass like nothing that you’ve ever tried.

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