There are quite a few SARMs suppliers in the market but before you decide to buy the first one you see, it’s important to consider user experience and quality. There are a few players in the market that are highly regarded, but in my opinion, eSARMS is the pick of the bunch. They have a wide variety of stock and offer almost all of the SARMS that you will need.

eSARMS Review

Their website ( ) is extremely helpful, especially to those who may not be familiar with SARMS yet. They have different groups based on what your needs are. For example, the ‘Stacking’ section is categorized into areas including bulking, cutting, strength and singles. The 12-Week Cycle section is also filled with a range of items.

eSARMS Discounts & Coupon Codes

esarms coupon codes and discounts
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eSARMS also have several useful deals such as “Buy 2, get 1 free” and “Buy 3, get 2 free”. In addition, if you sign up to their newsletter you will receive a $10 coupon.

In terms of payments, they accept card providers and Bitcoin. Many people – particularly those ordering from overseas – will appreciate this as it takes away the hassle of international wire transfers. As an added bonus, the name eSARMS won’t show up on your card statements. The company recognizes privacy is important to customers so this is a nice little touch. This also applies to their packaging – it is a plain envelope with no mention of the product or website.

Shipping & Delivery

Once ordered, the delivery process is quite smooth. You will receive several updates and the delivery will be fully tracked to your doorstep.

The products are all in convenient liquid form and generally come in 30ml bottles with a dropper. The dropper is very accurately marked so there is no danger of you getting the wrong doses. The size of the bottles mean you can carry them in your bag or even a pocket, for use whenever you need it.


Quality-wise it is superior to anything else on the market. There is a slight alcoholic taste but compared to some of the other products you see on the market, this is one of the better tasting ones. One of the main things to look for with these products is the purity of the Cardarine – eSARMS scores very highly on this.

esarms user logs and reviews
You can find tons of user reviews at forums such as, and


In terms of impact, you will definitely notice a visible difference both when working out, and looking in the mirror. Cardio exercises become a lot easier and you will find yourself breaking through your usual barriers. There have been instances of people missing a few days in the gym but then experiencing effortless results when they go back in – this is the impact of eSARMS.

Most people reading this will know how good it feels when you are breaking your cardio records, especially on a regular basis. Both physically and mentally you feel like a new and better person.

They say three is the magic number, and along with a good diet and solid cardio, eSARMS makes up the final part of your routine to get lean.

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  • Customer Service
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