How Much Protein does a Bodybuilder Need

proteins for bodybuilders

Taking protein has been always connected with the question if it is necessary to use and whether it gives any result. These are the questions I am going to answer today.

Protein takes the first place in sport nutrition rating since it is the main element of muscle formation.

At the very beginning of my training I used to think that protein and taking it is some magic powder which would make my body grow even without trainings. I even compared it with steroids according to their effects and did not even understand what it is and what it consists of. I have decided to write this article to prevent you from thinking the same way and to clear out the questions about sport nutrition.

I am going to tell you what you really need to know about using protein. But I could write a huge book about it thought I have to get all the important information in this small article that is why I will not use any scientific terms or research. Only clear and roomy facts. Let us start…

Is taking protein so important for a bodybuilder?

In fact you can do without it! But… It is rather difficult to receive the required amount of protein with ordinary food… Just imagine – our organism is able to assimilate about 30-40 gramms of protein at a time, but what is 30 gramms?

It is 10 eggs, moreover you should get approximately 2 gramms of protein to 1 kilo per day which means if your weight is 80 kilos then you should receive at least 160 gramms per day and this is about 50 eggs! Are you ready to do this? Then take protein which contains 30 gramms of it. What is better for you – a dozen of eggs or a portion of protein cocktail? Moreover protein would cost you less then some ordinary additive. But still usual protein food should be your first aim.


Protein powder is just an additive, that is why never replace usual food with it, you should only add it to your ration. Protein additives cannot provide you the whole spectrum of nutrients that an athlete needs.

Does protein work and is it really innocuous?

I have always asked myself this question when I did not use it. Now I can say with confidence that using protein powder will surely help you to grow up muscles as they consist of blocks that are called amino acids. Proteins also help our organism in:

Red blood cells forming. These cells transport oxygen towards muscles and tissues;

  • Keeps high level of our immune system;
  • Keep hair, nails and skin in a good condition.

But not all proteins are of a good quality. You can easily come across many fakes in markets, using them would be just wasting time and money. Some companies add low-grade and cheap ingredients. That is why try to get more information about the product before buying it.

How much protein do I need to take?

Just like I have already said, you need 2 gramms of protein to 1 kilo of your weight, so try to count how many grams you receive from ordinary food and add the missing amount with protein powder. I would recommend you to drink protein cocktails no more than twice a day, that is why try to receive the rest protein with food.

What kind of protein should I use?

  • Protein of whey. This is a leader among proteins considering its assimilability. It contains the whole spectrum of amino acids. That is why you should take it before trainings, after trainings or right during training.
  • Casein. Is contains the whole spectrum of amino acids, big variety of peptides and is usually slowly assimilated. That is why you should better use it before going to bed.
  • Soy-bean protein. The researches of this kind of protein usually give contradictory data. Some call it a wonder-working remedy, others – a usual additive. That is why I would advice you to avoid this kind of protein.

I hope my article gives you a general idea about taking protein additives and answers the main questions about using these powders. And I would like to remind you once again – no protein can replace ordinary food!

I wish you to count on yourself, on your unyieldingness and use special sport additives only with the aim of helping your organism!



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