One Best Workout Routine That Works For Everyone?

First of all I´m sorry to say that there isn’t a one best workout routine that works best for everyone. Everyone is different, built differently or prefer different exercises. For example, not everyone can perform squats, specifically taller people have problems getting the depth in a squat while keeping their feet flat on the ground and their back upright. They might have to switch to smith machine or leg press training.

You should always do exercises you like, enjoy doing (have fun!) and are comfortable with.

Most important is that the three bodybuilding principles (training, nutrition, recuperation) are kept in mind and implemented into your routine. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, one compound movement should be used for every muscle group.
For muscle growth you should be using around 6-10 repetitions.
More repetitions will train endurance rather than forcing the muscle to grow.
(Higher repetitions will not define your muscles! But I will come to that in a different post..)
Less repetitions (1-6 rep range) will train the CNS (central nervous system) which is good for building strength but won’t necessarily make the muscle grow.

Three sets with 6-10 repetitons per exercise is a good start.
For example a beginners workout routine could look like this:

(2,3 warm up sets not performed to muscular failure are not included)

Monday: Chest/biceps

  • 3 sets flat bench barbell bench press
  • 3 sets incline dumbbell flys
  • 3 sets dips
  • 3 sets barbell curls
  • 3 sets alternate dumbbell curls
  • 3 sets alternate dumbbell hammer curls

Tuesday: Back/triceps

  • 3 sets Pull ups
  • 3 sets dead lift
  • 3 sets bent over barbell rows
  • 3 sets lying tricep extensions (skull crushers)
  • 3 sets overhead dumbbell extensions

Wednesday: Eat and rest day.

Thursday: Legs/calves

  • 6 sets of barbell squats
  • 3 sets of standing calve raises ( trains inner calves)
  • 3 sets of sitting calve raises (trains outer calves)

Friday: Shoulders/abs

  • 3 sets Military Press
  • 3 sets side laterals
  • 3 sets bent over laterals
  • 6 sets crunches

Saturday/Sunday eat and rest days

This is just one example of many.
I personally don’t believe in direct ab training but I will come to that in a later post.
I also believe that training one muscle group a week is enough if trained with high intensity and “all out”.

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