Ostarine (MK-2866)

MK-2866, also known as Ostarine, is basically a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulor). GTx developed it for prevention of muscle wasting diseases.

It’s primarily used as a performance enhancing drug for gaining muscle though. One of its main benefits is that it helps gain lean muscle. Ostarine is a much safer than most of the other similar drugs on the market.

Something important to note here is that it’s often mistaken as S1 (Another SARM). However, S1 was probably the earliest and the weakest SARM ever introduced to the bodybuilding community. MK-2866 is not S1 but a much more powerful drug for gaining lean muscle.

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While MK-2866 is a sensational product for increasing lean muscle, it actually comes with quite a few other benefits. If you’re looking to learn everything about this performance enhancing drug, stick around as we walk you through both its benefits and side effects below.

Muscle Gain

If you’re after consistent muscle gains, taking MK-2866 may be the safest but a highly effective way for you.

You may be able to gain anywhere between 5-10 lbs, if not more, over a fairly short period of time. And the gains will be “keepable” on top of that!

There have been reports of many athletes, bodybuilders and even cancer patients using it to get a muscle boost. The MK-2866’s muscle gaining ability, coupled with the fact that it seems to be free of any major side effects (unless you overdose on it), makes it an ideal product for people looking to gain muscle for different reasons.

No Steroid-Like Negative Effects

While steroids are the most potent options when it comes to gaining muscle mass, they often come with a plethora of undesirable side effects that mainly affect the secondary sexual organs.

MK-2866 offers muscle gain benefits that are similar to steroids (albeit to a lower extent), without the typical side effects with the latter.

Increasing Lean Muscle Mass

mk-2866 ostarine studies

There’s no shortage of drugs that promise a significant amount of muscle gain on the market. However, most of them aren’t half effective for improving the lean muscle mass.

But as any fitness expert will tell you, simply gaining muscle mass is far from a very good approach. It may make you overlook the other negative health changes on your body.

Ostarine is one of the few solutions for a complete, healthy muscle gain. You won’t be having watery gains with it but real lean muscles. The fact that MK-2866’s anabolic effects work on your muscle tissue fully, allows it to both help deal with muscle wasting issues, as well as promote overall muscle building, especially benefiting athletes.

Furthermore, MK-2866 is also effective at helping lower the risk of degeneration issues. Especially when you are recovering from a surgery or other similar conditions.

GTx claims that they have conducted as many as 8 scientific trials and 3 efficiency tests on MK-2866. And they proved that MK-2866 is a much better option for improving lean muscle mass than placebo.

In addition to that, they also found that it can work wonders at increasing muscle strength as well. And side effects are minimal, what else could anyone wanting to build muscle can ask for?

Helping Prevent Bone-Related Injuries

MK-2866’s anabolic effects aren’t just targeting to the muscle tissue, but also reach the bone and skeletal muscle tissue. Currently is being officially used as a treatment for conditions that involve a decreased bone density. It’s highly likely that it will be used for other medical conditions in the near future.

It may also go a long way in minimizing the effects of drugs that cause overall bone density loss. But you have to take them to treat specific health conditions.

Side Effects

As mentioned, MK-2866 doesn’t come with side effects that are often associated with conventional steroids or prohormones. Given that you follow a recommended dosage and aren’t dealing with any health conditions that may intensify those side effects.

GTx, the company manufacturing MK-2866, says that Ostarine is a SARM. And it doesn’t interfere with the functioning of all the tissues present in your body. Apart from that, it’s also non-methylated. It means that it doesn’t contain any liver toxins that are responsible for serious side effects and other health issues.

However, it’s also important to note that GTx has never publicly disclosed the ingredients of Ostarine. Judging from various user reports, MK-2866 does come with side effects. However, they don’t seem to be anywhere near as serious as anabolic steroids.

One of the most common side effects of Ostarine include feeling hot and sweaty after you take it. You may also find its taste awful, but a glass of orange juice after taking it would help.

Another couple side effects include disrupted sleep and a touch of lethargy. Again, they may not really worry you, especially if you have been taking other muscle gain supplements.

Just make sure you don’t abuse the drug and you would be fine. The few minor side effects we discussed above are a no-brainer. Especially when compared to what you could be facing when going with other similar performance enhancers.

A Final Word

While some websites reviewing the MK-2866 may recommend a dosage of 25mg to 50mg, we would advise against it. Anyone starting to use the MK-2866 should consider limiting their intake to 12.5mg per 24 to 36 hours. In order to avoid an overdose or troubling side effects.

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