The True Secret To Staying Motivated In Bodybuilding

A lot of people who aren’t accustomed to training their body regularly have a problem staying motivated.

Some are intimidated by the “muscle men” that grunt and shout, pushing and lifting weights in the gym so that they just don’t feel like they fit into this weight lifting lifestyle.

Sometimes feeling like an alien on a different planet..somewhere you think you just don´t seem to belong..I understand – this happens quite a lot.

First of all you will have to stay focused on yourself and ignore other people around you who may make funny remarks or chuckle while you struggle with a beer belly and “light weights”.

Concentrate on your goal!

Believe me the stares and chuckles will soon stop as soon as they see and sense your determination and consistency on achieving your goals.

Make a few small, achievable goals instead of just one big goal.

For example wanting to build 20 pounds of muscle while losing 20 pounds of fat.
This goal is set too high, would take too long, which will leave you frustrated and giving  up sooner or later.

A training partner can help..

But a training partner might start enthusiastically but maybe not have the determination to pull through with his regular training routine and then misses out a session or two and then might quit altogether after a couple of weeks or months..
In my experience it is very important to be able to train alone and motivate yourself!

And for that it is necessary to find the fun in training your body!
Weight training can be a lot of fun!

Watching yourself progress , getting stronger and the muscles getting harder and bigger, while losing body fat..

Gaining muscle while losing body fat can be combined. Beginners can and will experience dramatic gains in strength and size if they keep up regular training and pull through!

This happens because the body is not used to this and quickly adjusts by getting stronger or losing weight. Depending on your goal.

Only later on you might experience the gains and changes in your body slowing or stopping altogether.
Then you might want to adjust your nutrition, cardio or training routine.  But I will come to that in another post.

Consistency is the key!

And if you have fun working out the results will come definitely and automatically in time!
Don´t expect changes after every workout! This will leave you frustrated.
Once you have made regular gym training part of your daily routine and keep at it you will achieve your goal!

Only 3 or 4 days a week can be enough.  More is NOT better in Bodybuilding! I will come to that later on.
Even if you don´t notice changes in your body.. because your in it and see it every day ..others will..
For they will see you only now and then and see the changes in your physique ever so much more clearly.

If you want to gain or lose weight, don´t step on the scale every day.

Maybe not even every week. Better every month..

My opinion?…just throw it away.

A scale can be misleading and depressing and isn’t a good way to check your progress. For you can still keep the same weight while dramatically changing your physique. Losing body fat, while building muscle will leave you with +/- zero pounds on the scale.

Many things which I have spoken about here in this post I will comment on in depth in a later post.

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